Wednesday, November 05, 2003


As Ireland's moment of destiny approaches, I'm going rugger crazy. There's a nice piece about the rivalry between South Africa and New Zealand in the Rugby Heaven site that Melbourne's The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald Newspapers seem to be collaborating on.

I also notice that the English press is getting wildly sensitive about the Pom bashing that's going on at the moment, with that clown of a flanker doing his bit for international diplomacy and ratching things up another notch.

The English should be grateful that it's taking attention away from those awful jerseys. I know that the sculpted look is in, but it looks less horrid in black or blue than it does in white. And having to call a prop off the line if you need to take it off, as he's the only one with sufficient strength to wrench the thing off a man? Good God.

Beats me why the RFU (note that's not ERFU - and the English wonder why people think they're arrogant?) don't just send out Johnners and co buck naked, and spray paint the jerseys and numbers on them. There would be a danger of being tackled in the tackle (if you get my drift) but that could easily be aliviated by simply castrating the players before they left Blighty. There would be some objections, of course, rugger players being what they are, but surely it's a small price to pay when a man is playing for Queen and country?