Friday, December 26, 2003

Hungry Like Ms Wolf

I see in my Sunday Times that well-known feminist Naomi Wolf has a longish article discussing/celebrating the 21st century's new generation of American Jews, who are so much more comfortable with their culture than their predecessors, such as Ms Wolf herself, were.

The article is replete with everything we associate with Ms Wolf: it's overly-earnest, humour-free (Naomi is aware of humour, and tries (earnestly, of course) to pin it down but the little rascal keeps seeming to escape her formaldehyde jar) and, like so much of Ms Wolf's opera, the piece is a long dissertation about a very short observation of dubious import.

In a fellow spirit of earnest scholarship, I'd like to propose a four point GET OVER plan for Ms Wolf to deal with the many traumas that seem to assail her as she fights her way through life. Firstly, get over being a woman; you were born that way, you're unlikely to change now, 'twasn't your fault and nobody is blaming you. Secondly, get over being Jewish; the Jewish faith is one that never prosyletises, and, in a world whose history is bloody with wars fought over religion, that's a hell of a lot to be proud of. Thirdly, get over your sense-of-humour bypass, and fourthly, why don't you get over here and make An Spailpín a nice cup of tea.