Thursday, March 04, 2004


If you still haven't got over the end of Buffy (even though we all know that Buffy really ended after Episode 100, The Gift), you may still visit, the number one online resource for Buffy fans. Now that the Warner Brothers TV Channel has announced that Angel is finally getting the (silver) bullet, there's a little campaign brewing to save the undead Irishman.

Lads, don't bother. Angel was never any good in the first place, and now that's it's taken the more conventional format of self-contained episodes, it's especially dull and boring. If you insist on saying that Angel is somehow worthwhile, conduct the following experiment: rent The Simpsons' Spinoff Showcase, where Troy McClure presents Chief Wiggum: PI, and then go back and watch an episode of Angel. I rest my case.