Thursday, July 20, 2006

Don't Blame Me, I'm Just the Junkie

If you're one of those poor eejits that can't get their head around the notion of how heroin addiction is a "disease" even though you don't catch it from toilet bowls or getting caught in the rain or Victorian plumbing, the gloriously named Theodore Dalrymple has some thoughtful stuff in this morning's London Times.

Theodore is making the point that, while junkiedom is by no means a great state to be in, it's not like junkies were unlucky in getting hooked. What they were was grossly stupid, and this is not the same thing as getting hit by lightning, an act of God over which we have no control. Anyway, Theodore makes the argument much more persuasively than a mumble tounged Spailpín could manage. You tell 'em, Theo!

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