Monday, January 15, 2007

His Master's Voice - John O'Mahony on Laochra Gael

The diaspora and deoraíocht of the sweet County Mayo will gather around their TV sets tomorrow night to watch Laochra Gael profile John O'Mahony at half-nine on TG4, only the second Mayoman to feature on that marvellous show. Your faithful chronicler will certainly be tuning in.

Speaking of Johnno, he seems up and running in his election campaign. A visit (bewigged, behatted and further disguised, of course - one dare not risk the social ostracisation that would inevitably follow if word got out that one was fraternising with Fine Gaelers) to the Fine Gael Mayo candidates site shows us that of all the candidates, Johnno is using online exposure to its greatest effect. And how disappointing to note that Ms Michelle Mulherin's web page is completely blank. Ms Mulherin is clearly being deployed as a sweeper for the party's bigger guns but the fact that she's one of few women in the field - if not the only woman - and the fact she's from Ballina, which has spent the past five years sulking about not having a representative in Dáil Éireann, should surely make her worth watching. Wouldn't it be gas if she took Enda's seat? God knows, she'd be doing her own party a favour, God love them.

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