Monday, February 19, 2007

Irish Blog Awards

An Spailpín Fánach is quite flattered to be nominated under two species at the Irish Blog Awards, to be held in a fortnight’s time or so. The process is interesting, in that one is shortlisted by public vote, but the eventual winner is decided by a judging panel – the reverse of the Academy Awards, for instance. It’s an un-named judging panel, I also note – poor Decimus Junius Juvenalis wouldn’t fancy them onions, but I don’t suppose anyone is reading Juvenal anymore. Sic transit gloria mundi – Latin for “that’s showbiz, toots.”

The categories are interesting – your faithful scrivener is not nominated for sports, even though I would hazard a guess that at least half of the posts here have been about sports. It also stings a little to find myself not nominated for the best humorous post, despite having written two epics last year – one of what was could even be sung to piano accompaniment. I loved those two pieces. Sniff.

But not to worry. I’m so grateful to be noticed that not only do I plan to turn up for the night but I’ve even dropped – for this one post only – my habitual use of the third person. It’s a relief to think that there’s somebody on the other side of the wall reading this stuff, and maybe even liking it now and again.

So to anyone that voted for me for either the Best Use of Irish in a Blog or as the Best News/Current Affairs Blogger, a sincere thank you very much. I’ll try not to let you down and, to echo an icon for a moment, I’d like to thank you all for voting and I hope I’ve passed the audition.

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