Friday, February 08, 2008

A Management Issue - Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Joe Mac, boyThe Republic of Ireland soccer team are without a manager. The Cork senior footballers have one manager too many. In fact, such is the agony caused by the thought of playing Teddy Holland that not only will the footballers not play under him, but the hurlers won’t play under him either, even though they don’t play under him at all. The hurlers play under their own manager, one Gerald McCarthy, who must be bemused, at the very least, by these shenanigans.

Allow An Spailpín Fánach to step forward and clear up the mess. Simply move Teddy Holland from Cork to Dublin, and have him manage the soccer players. The most of that job seems to consist of babysitting one Stephen Ireland, who famous claimed that Brian Kerr would not pick him during Kerr’s managership because Mr Ireland is from Cork. This sensitive young man is unlikely to suffer such discrimination from Teddy H.

As for the Cork footballers, who have repeatedly said that they will not play for Teddy Holland, no how, no way, that obstacle is now cleared. So just send Joe Mac of the Dixies to manage them, a man who represents his county and native heath as few others do, a man who surely lives solely on drisheen and Murphy’s stout, and a man that is the very personification of the People’s Republic. G’wan Joe boy – you’re just what the doctor ordered.

FOCAL SCÓIR: Many thanks to for the groovy Joe Mac pic. Keep hucklebucking fellas!

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