Wednesday, June 22, 2005

U2 in Croke Park

Hello Dublin! How are ya!

[Cheers, "We love you Bono!," screams]

How you all doing out there tonight? You know, we've been all over the world, but if there's one thing four Dublin lads like U2 - THE GREATEST ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD! -

[Cheers, the sound of women fainting]

- if there's one thing that four Dublin lads like us look forward to, IT'S BEING BACK IN DUBLIN! YEAH! ROCK 'N'ROLL!

[Cheers, delight, pride (in the Name of Love)]

But, you know, not everyone can live in a mansion in Dalkey, pay no tax and ponce all over the Western World. Sometimes we have to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. But we have, Ireland, we have. Only the other day I said to the Edge, 'Edge,' I said, 'what about the debt?'

He said he thought it was parked at Balmoral. I said 'No man, no. You're great Edge and I love ya, but I'm not talking about the Jet, I'm talking about the debt. Third World Debt.'

[Cheers, waves of sympathetic pity flood onstage for the politically naive guitarist]

People of Dublin, I was talking to President Bush the other day -

[Boos, shouts of 'bastard!' 'warmonger' 'yank!]

- I was talking to the leader of the free world yesterday and he said 'Bobby, what are we going to do about the Debt?' And I said "Georgie, we're going to rock and roll!

Did I disappoint you;
Leave a bad taste in your mouth?
I know you'd prefer a sandwich
And a cooling pint of stout.
Well it's too late, tonight,
Muffins are nowhere in sight,
I'm a bun, and I'm not the same
You're gonna eat me one after another
One after another

An Spailpín can wait.