Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Can Clearly See You're Nuts - Star Trek Fan Goes Around the Bend

Mr Data - I can clearly see this man's nutsAnybody that particularly enjoys their science fiction has reason today to take stock, of themselves and their lives, and ask themselves: am I keeping this fully in perspective? Am I aware that this is just a TV a show or am I obsessing a little? Tony Alleyne did not keep things in perspective, and look what's happened to him. He only went and blew £166k on fitting out his house as a replica of the Starship Enterprise after his wife flew the coup, and now he's up to his dilithium crystals in debt. Even Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons would reckon that old Tony here ought be under medical supervision. No wonder the wife hit the high road. God only knows what he had planned for her.

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