Monday, May 19, 2008

Table Quiz on Thursday in Tom Maye's Tavern!

Anybody that enjoys table quizzes and porter and nights out and crack and all that good stuff could do a lot worse this coming Thursday evening than make their way as far as Tom Maye’s Tavern at the corner of Dorset and Frederick, Dublin 9, where a full night’s crack is guaranteed for all.

An Spailpín has a friend who has spent time teaching in Belize, one of the poorest countries in Central America. As such, we’re running a table quiz to raise a few pound for schools there; what is not a lot of money here is a considerable sum there, and education is the one and only path from poverty that the people there have. And they know it, travelling miles and miles to school every day for their ticket out and into the world.

It’s a worthy cause and a good night’s crack. It features the usual setup of a tenner a head, tables of four, one hundred questions, a raffle, picture rounds, novelty rounds, crack and associated banter. It kicks off promptly at half-eight and we’d all love to see you there – it’ll be a good deed to set you up nicely for the weekend debauches of the Heineken Cup Final, the Eurovision, Port Láirge in aghaigh an Chláir, or whatever you’re having yourself. Tommy Maye’s, half-eight, Thursday. The only place to be.

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