Friday, January 20, 2006

The Jumbo Breakfast Roll

Dasssriiite!!!Those of you whose mouths were uncouth enough to water after reading about Mother Hubbard's the other day may get a small blasht of out this. It's an .mp3 download of that Jumbo Breakfast Roll song that Pat Shortt sang on The Late Late Show recently. McArthur's Park it ain't, but good old crack nonetheless.

Anyone that wants to see the actual performance can take a peek here. Not that interesting I'm afraid - Pat's Dixie character is a bit forced, for my money, although Pat himself does deflect the more mischevious of Pat Kenny's questions with no small amount of skill.

Pat Kenny remains a disaster, I'm afraid. There's just eight minutes of Pat here, but consider the amount of bum notes he strikes in those thousand seconds. It's like he was doing it deliberately. Consider that the Late Late drags on for over two hours, and then make sure your Xtravision membership is clean or else that you have a lift home on Friday nights after a good skip of strong, black porter. It's the only way to maintain Friday night sanity.

Even more strangely, it's like it's the one mistake Pat Kenny is making, over and over. Pat asks the next question without listening to the answer of the last one. He jumps the gun. God, you'd think even if someone told him, "Lookit Pat, whatever Pat Shortt or any of these other professional entertainers say, give them a second or two to have their laugh. Say 'one Mississippi, two Mississippi,' if you have to, but for Christ's sake, shut up. Jumping all over George Galloway is fair game because Galloway jumps back, but it's not like Pat Shortt is shipping A-rabs over to Camp Gitmo, now is it?"

Might as well be talking to the wall, I suppose.

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