Monday, May 28, 2007

That Rugby Documentary Scheduled for Tonight

You've probably seen the ads for that rugby documentary tonight. An Spailpín certainly has and, if I can't see it tonight, I'll certainly set the tape. But I have no faith in it. Your faithful narrator believes in the possibility of "revealing behind-the-scenes footage" about as much as he believes in the Easter Bunny. What is much more likely is that it'll be another snow job in A Certain Party's relentless and continuing campaign for the Lions' coaching job in '09 on the tour to South Africa. I expect that bandwagon to get a right joult in France in a few months' time, may God pity the nation. More of that anon. In the meantime, does anybody really expect Eddie O'Sullivan's prematch orations to come within an ass's roar of the inspirational exhortations of that true coaching spririt of the nation, the indefatigable, the undefeatable, the legendary Timmy Ryan?

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